03 June 2011

Cairns Post 5KM Run for Cairns

Fri 7.30am 5.25km Cairns Post - Run  For Cairns  1st Open 17m03
Thur 5.24am 9.48km Esplanade 41m05 - 4m20 K's
Wed 5.13pm 9.56km Esplanade 34m37 - 3m37 K's

A result! happening to be working in Cairns and they hold a fun run as part of the Cairns Ironman Triathlon weekend. 
Unusual to have a race before work but 7.30am start meant it was not going to impact on my working day.
5km jog warm up, cloudless blue sky, slight chill in the air but perfect for running. A few hundred locals maybe a few out of towner's. As normal I started fast, only one start of race 'wanna be seen' Dick to overtake and then follow the lead out bike. Felt good for first 2K's, Garmin said 3m05 + 3m15, settled into it by third KM 3m16,
was able to see I had a clear lead at the turnaround. Cruised home 3m17 for 4th KM, 3m18 for 5th KM and 50 secs for an extra 250m (slow!), breasted the tape like a triathlete and gave interviews to press and TV (true!) - might be able to upload my 5 seconds of Cairns fame.
USM report here 

Not sure how my ran Noosa comment got converted to completed the Noosa Tri !


BeerMatt said...

Like! Always nice to get a long course! Well done to the Master. Any prize?

Tom said...

Wahey! Even get on Channel 7. Proper big thick finish tape and all!
Look out for Fast Charlie and Enda both doing the Half IM up there.

kevin f forde said...

Always a bonus to get interviewed by the local tv station post race,I got interviewed post Chicago marathon 02 after running 2.49 and jumping up to punch the sky at the finish,I think the were amazed I had that much energy after 26.2 miles!!!

Tim said...

Great work Dave, Watch out some of the HuRTS boys might venture up there next year for a chance of victory, (Still think you've got them ALL covered though) :)

Scott Brown said...

Yep, it's the only honest way to get on local TV! My relatives up there have been on Cairns TV before but only while being frog marched into the back of a paddy wagon!

Well Done David!