19 June 2011

Lake Placid

Sun 12.22pm 30km Lake Placid 2h07m59  4m15 K's
Sat 4.23pm 9.51km Esplanade  35m37  3m44 K's

I don't often run long distance and this afternoons expedition to Lake Placid in Baron Gorge National Park reminded why! Felt very flaccid when I got back and feel that it must have affected my thinking as I went to watch chick flick Bridesmaids ! What was I thinking?


kevin f forde said...

When is the Gold Coast 10k coming up?

Anonymous said...

hi Kev,
GC is 2nd July! ran 6 mile tonight in 38mins so body not too bad after marathon! driving 8 hours in morning 4 wheel drive dirt road ~ not good prep! but hey it is not that important!

Scott Lawrence said...

The GC 10k is July 2nd, Kevin.

Cheers, Scott

kevin f forde said...

Thanks Scott