12 June 2011


Sun 12.15pm 22KM Freshwater Railway Station   91m07  4m08 K's

On 12th June 1770 Captain Cook's Endeavour got grounded on a reef just outside of what  became Cooktown .
The Town celebrates a reenactment of Cook's landing each Queen's Birthday long weekend. I made the journey up to Cooktown from Cairns 350km (700km return) yesterday and took the day as a recovery.
Today ran long and easy. Remarked at my first turnaround when I saw I'd run 3m58 real easy for the KM, then turned into a head wind and realised why I'd been running so easy.
26.5 O C in Cooktown yesterday but Cairns only got to 23.5 O C, still that was better than Brissey which suffered ones of those rare really cool days with a top of just 15 O C ! Temps are back up into mid 20's in Cairns today. Head off to Pormperaaw on Tuesday for a week , training should be interesting!!

These photos were taken yesterday on the journey North on the Lakeland Development Road.
The photos should be stitched together for the panorama , spectacular piece of real estate huh?

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