14 June 2011

Out and Back in Pormpuraaw

Tues 5.32pm 11.28km Out & Back in Pormpuraaw 47m28  4m12 K's

I think I'm the very first person to run with a Garmin in Pormpuraaw! 
Went out and back = out of town as Police had warned they get about 20 dog bites here every month and there are an awful lot of dogs around town and the population here is only 600!
Thought I would brave a run through town in the morning to get to the beach, will take camera in the expectation I shall see some crocs!! 
Take a look at the map in Garmin and zoom out to see just how isolated this community is.
Today's run was out with a  tailwind and back into a raging head wind straight off the Gulf!
It didn't start to  get dark till 6.20pm here  compared to Brissey where it starts to get dark at 5.40pm

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