15 June 2011

Snakes no Crocs!

Wed 6.34am 17.63km  85m12   4m49 K's

I waited till daylight 6.30am!! and ran down along the beach soft sand in places and wind on the turnaround. Really cold weather about 10 O C !! but it does warm up to around 27 O C.
No Crocs on view (too cold) but did see a snake on the beach.
Can anyone identify?


kevin f forde said...

Strewth my biggest concern on a run is a dog off its leash!!!!
Since you must have way more 10,000m races under your belt than me I'd be grateful for any pointers in my preparation for Nationals in 7 weeks time.

David Sweeney said...

Hi Kevin,
I think I ran only one 10,000m in my first 44years and and maybe about 6 in the last six years.
They are hell and best to leave a long enough gap between so that you can forget the purgatory of 25Laps!
Having said that far to many people are shy or scared of tackling the brute and the brave can be rewarded with medals or high comparative rankings. I always like to run them
hard as. If you can drop your opposition it would be rare as in any race for them to come back .
Do the session I did 2 or 3 weeks out from my Nationals 10,000 in April. It was a McMillan sesh 3 X 2miles with a lap jog recovery.
Good Luck getting back to form.

Tom said...

Mate, judging by its belly it looks like it ate a small hamster 3 days ago so I wouldn't have worried about it eyeing up a scrawny human!

Scott Brown said...

Not a snake David. It is the tread from a 1774 "Dunlop road master." But don't feel bad I'm always confusing cracked pepper for "fleas"!

kevin f forde said...

I've done 2 10,000m in my entire career one at Battersea Park track back in 86 or 87 and last April.
I've been running 6 milers in training for the past 2 weeks and can see an improvement and will do that 3x2 mile repeat 2 weeks out from Nationals.
Will keep you posted