18 June 2011

Running with Crocs!


Thurs 6.24am  13.5KM Along the Beach 66m11   4m54K's
Fri 6.42am  10.05KM Beach Road 46m38  4m38 K's

Pormpuraaw was really cold (10 to 15 O C) in the mornings but really hot in the day (26 to 28 O C).
My morning runs along the beach were extremely slow possibly because it was so cold but also due to stiffness, sandy beach, wind and keeping an eye out for these monsters!
The photos I took yesterday are of a captive Croc living in a Crocodile Farm.
It is missing a front right foot so I called it Stumpy. 
I finished up work early on Fri and had enough time to head down to the Chapman River mouth which empties onto the Gulf of Carpentaria . Here I saw two Crocs catching the sun on the either side of the river.Which was just far enough away!
An awesome sight! 
Flew back to Cairns Fri arvo and am going to be heading back out to the Western Cape on Tuesday for a few days. This time, driving ! Kowanyama 
My prep for Gold Coast 10K has been rubbish (training and diet) but then I always intended to have a few months 'easy' before the build up to turning 50 in Sept!

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