23 June 2011

Kowanyama Dust

Mon 6.07pm Cairns Esplanade 9.54km 37m57 3m58 K's
Tues 4.02pm KowanZumba in Kowanyama 9.82km 42m34 4m20 K's
Wed 5.20pm Kowanyama Dust  12.05km 49m27  4m06 K's
Thur  6.07pm Cairns Esplanade 9.51km 38m22  4m02 K's

So Tues I headed back over to the Western side of Cape York, 8 hours on dirt roads.
This State is absolutely huge! Got to Kowanyama and put my kit on and ran 10K back up the dirt road.
Wednesday I took a different road and ran 12K, about 5 cars went past and each one throws us a dust cloud that lasts about 30 secs.
Temperature got up to 29.4 O C (85 O F)  = not bad for mid Winters day! 
The average max daytime temperature in June in Kowanyama in 30.7 O C, can you imagine this place in Summer??

The population of the community is about 1000 people, like Pormparaaw and Yarrabah, dogs easily out number the human population.
The photo I took above is typical of a single house dog population!
It was inevitable with me visiting about 50 homes over the month I would eventually find a dog that took exception and chomped me on the calf! (see photo!)
The remarkable thing is I didn't get mauled quite a bit more. Dogs are so territorial but these dogs seemed immune to having 'white' strangers with high visibility vests and big silly hats wandering around their homes and yards. In any typical city I would have had my ar$e bitten any number of times!
Flew back to Cairns today and jogged around the normal Cairns Esplanade 6miler.

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kevin f forde said...

Could've been worse.....could've been a croc bite!!!