28 August 2011

6 X 1000m 200m jog recovery Ave 3m04.96

Sat 5.23pm Roo+Lake 10.54km 46m33 4m25 K's
Sun 5.06pm Nudgee 6 X 1000m 200m Jog recovery(2Mins) Ave 3m04.96

#1. 3m03.37 - 157bpm - 71.22 (143) , 74.85 (166), 37.26 (167)

#2. 3m06.43 - 163bpm - 72.88 (152), 75.88 (170), 37.67 (172)

#3. 3m06.49 - 163bpm - 74.10 (151), 75.00 (171), 37.39 (173)

#4. 3m05.82 - 165bpm - 73.16 (154), 75.80 (172), 36.86 (175)

#5. 3m04.40 - 167bpm - 71.76 (157), 75.82 (174), 36.82 (176)

#6. 3m03.25 - 168bpm - 72.29 (158), 75.22 (175), 35.72 (177)

Sat arvo ran in torrential rain (yes it rained again!) which really slowed me down and took an awful lot of commitment just getting out of the door!

Sunday conditions were fair with temperature at 5.06pm  20 O C and slightly breezy. There were not many people at the track.
Happy enough with this session as have been suffering PF in right foot for some weeks, seems to come and go through the day depending on how active I've been. Worse in the mornings and sometimes at night. Today Natalie had me digging up  a new garden bed during the morning followed by Rise of the Planet of the Apes with the kids (5*) so exercise and then rest. 
6 laps warm up and all the current niggles were held at bay  [ PF on right heel , stiff right ankle (I've had two ankle arthroscopes), left hip suspect, left knee tendinitis].
It is pleasing to be able to finish these K's at the same speed I started. 200m jog recovery was less than 2mins.

I have scanned some of my old results from my cuttings book as it is falling apart.
First up here is my first ever All England Schools Race 1976 age 14. Click on image to enlarge view.
I finished 17th but look out for some of the names around me, as you'll see them time and again as I raced the same guys through the age groups. Dave Lewis won every thing, he was the Superstar of our era. 
35th was Jack Buckner who went on to win a European Gold 5000m in Stuttgart 1986 and a Bronze in the World 5000m in Rome in 1987.

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