26 August 2011

Lifes the same except for my shoes

Fri 5.40am 10.63km Lake+Roo 42m45  4m01 K's
Thur 5.32am 10.62km Lake+Roo 44m18  4m10 K's
Wed 5.36am 10.65km Lake+Roo  44m05 4m08 K's

A steady week with the hip remaining about the same and all the other niggles still at bay. The latter part of the week saw the morning temperatures rise a little which made for much better running conditions so I was able to lift the normal slovenly pace towards reasonable pace. Hopefully at the weekend an interval session will see if I can push on.
Next scheduled race 11th Sept Bridge to Brisbane where the aim is to run sub34m if it is an accurate 10K this year and finally get into the top 20 (finished 21st twice!)
Saw this photo of Cadel in the Giro in 2010 and thought it worth sharing with you.
Have a good weekend Cheers

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