18 August 2011

Goodbye to Love

Thur 1.08pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 43m32 4m08  K's
Wed 4.21pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 42m52 4m03 K's
Tues 1.40pm 10.63km Roo+Lake 43m34 4m06 K's

I have not blogged recently about my other love - Arsenal . 
I feel quite saddened and quite sick that we have finally sold Cesc to Barcelona and look like selling Sammi to Man City. 
We appear to be a feeder club for Barca and Man City having sold City, Toure, Adebayor, Clichy and now Sammi!
We have sold Barca, Thierry, Hleb, Van Bronkhorst, Overmars, Petit and now Cesc.
Losing Cesc was particularly painful as he was such an asset to the team. 
A team that was built around him.
Of course I understand he is from Barca and he always stated that he wanted to go back some day.
We had 7 great years out of Cesc , however , I do believe he was becoming more and more susceptible to injury, his hamstrings in particular were prone to breakdown. I believe we got the best years out of him and though it is with regret we see him leave our club, we wish him all the best for the future (he won silverware today in the Spanish Super Cup final on his début!). I still cant help but feel a little spurned as if  a girlfriend had eloped when I see photos of him in a Barca shirt!
I was at Highbury when Cesc made his début at age 16, the youngest ever first team player and when he became Arsenal's youngest ever goal scorer.
The money in the Premier League is really killing it for those who haven't got it. Sammi was offered a new three year contract at GBP90,000 a week at Arsenal - a contract at Man City is likely to pay him 4 years at GBP180,000 a week! Who wouldn't hold out when the pay disparity is so great? Arsenal run the Club on a reasonable business model of spending what they earn. Man City must be spending four times what they earn and as for the supposed 'sponsorship' deal Etihad have paid for shirt/stadium sponsorship - I'll leave that for UEFA to investigate!
For now I'll say Goodbye to Love.....


Tom said...

Unforgiveable Dave. No man should have The Carpenters in his music collection.

Tim said...

Yes mate on the footy front i fear it may be a long season for your boys, after the loss of Fabregas and Sami. As much as i respect the manager i can't help but think he still hasn't addressed the real problem and that is a decent goalie and some defenders?
If it all gets to much for you, let me know and i'll send a Stoke shirt up to you to help cheers you up:)