29 August 2011


Ahhh a day off to savour, one to enjoy a walk in the Botanical at lunchtime in a balmy 25.4 O C (78 O F)
We love Queensland and I love this song I heard on Triple J. Great lyrics!



Verse 1

Now let me
Welcome everyone to the bleach sands of Queensland Stinking hot days cold beers and cheap… land … Bikini clad backpackers and weed… plants California beach tans but instead of street gangs

…And gold bling or getting capped on your steps…here You can pat a stingray and maybe get a stab in the Chest… from what inhabits the depths… of the reef…cause every Creature in our habitat has venom or teeth… in

Brief… we got flys the size… of zippo lighters …Mosquitos biting us rife… with hepatitis no Lie… we got the highest count of venomous snakes… and Poisonous arachnoids than any other place

We got
Weather extremes in every sense it can mean… Famines and bushfires death and disease… we got Cows… we got mud… we got droughts… we got flood… we got Cyclones ripping up our houses and pubs… still there’s

Ounces of bud… that local outlaws… give
Huge amounts of love growin’ outdoors …so this is Going out yall on my new LP to every Corner of the sauna called the QLD…


Cause in the sunshine state where fun times await And the cops don’t get no dumber Even ya big city streets that are bringing the heat have got Nothing on a queensland summer

This is Queensland Australia
Let me her it if your out there ‘Ho’
From the north to the south say ‘Ho’


Show your back to us
Shake that glutious maximus hey

Verse 2

Now we’re the state ya schoolies come for holidays ….To get debauched like George Bush’s college Days… we got the girls and the sun and surf and there’s no Other place on earth I’d rather call my home turf

Since birth I been in Brissy world’s most liveable City… we’re calling pots what Sydney calls a midi it’s Hardly any drama though we only order schooners …And grow bananas like Chernobyl’s growing tumours

Ya heard so many rumours growing up about the drop bears … Like the Scott’s do the monster in the loch ness …That when a croc tears people to shreds… ya don’t Flinch even if it’s eatin’ each of ya legs…

The police are in bed… with all the criminal types…and Let em do whatever with minimal hype… Politicians to crime… are like peni$es to foetuses when People vote your leaders in like Joh Bjelke Peterson

But even with no reasoning … I’d give it up to the Place… I live it up and state… I give a fcuk So mate… from Wynnum up to Cape… York Peninsula I’m biggin up the whole friggin state when I rip it up



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