06 August 2011


Fri 12.30pm 11.73km Brisbane River 46m26  3m57 K's
Sat 12.44pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 38m15  3m37 K's    [36m18 @ 10KM]

'Back in the day my mates and I had an on going 'competition' to travel as widely as possible,each country would  earn  a pin in the World map on my mate Jeff's Bedroom wall. So unlike  many of my contemporaries Spain and Ibiza were not the only place we would holiday. 
In about 1984 my mates Gary, John and I went on holiday to Sri Lanka.
Whilst there we had a week long side trip to the Maldives - the most beautiful specks of white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It took me 45secs to run around our island resort Bolifushi. So not a large a place and not much to do but sun bathe, swim, snorkel and dive. Only about 40 guests on the island and for 3 guys in their early 20's not many chicks to chat up! In fact we were pretty shy unless completely tanked up and I don't remember there being any alcohol on the Island! (It is a Muslim Republic) One afternoon Gary decided to have an afternoon nap whilst John and I headed to the restaurant. Also staying at the resort were the German air crew who flew us in to Male international , attractive young ladies that caught our eye but as I said we were too shy to chat them up. Later we went back to our room. Gary had woken and asked what we'd been up to. We said we had chatted up the air hostesses and got on fantastically well with them. We told Gary we'd played them our tapes (yes it was the early 80's !) and they really loved my tape The Theme from Midnight Express - by Giorgio Moroder [Brilliant film and brilliant track!). We strung Gary along really well, giving him enough to fully believe our storey but not too much that he would not believe us. No chance he'd have believed us if we'd said we'd copped off with the hosties!!

Anyhow next day the hosties are back in the restaurant and without any pushing from us, Gary fronts up the Germans and says
I'm Gary - What music do you like other than the theme from Midnight Express ? !!!
John and I cracked up! 
What a goose! 
Nearly as funny as that evening when we shovelled half the beach into the bottom of his bed whilst he showered. We waited with bated breath as he sat on his pillow for about 5 minutes before putting his feet into the bed. So so funny the look on his face when his feet touched the sand and the expletives started to fly and we legged it!!
So this one is for the German Air Hosties and Gary and John!
Title track is Chase (Theme from Midnight Express)


Anonymous said...


Has to be one of my fondest memories too.

Gabba gabba hey


David said...

Hey Johnny!
Forgot to say hi! Howzit going?

Anonymous said...

A little bit fatter and a little bit older.

Kids growing up. Sid just done GCSE's and off to Reading festival next week. She's still playing rugby:
http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/welwynrfc/l/players-coaches-26621.html (2nd left standing with arms folded). Plays scrum half for national u18 champions.

Will is just turned 14 year's old - taller than Christina now but not quite as tall as me yet - probably same height as you in fact!

I'm still playing in a band - we've done gigs in the US and France!