16 August 2011

Botanic to Bridge 2011

Finish of the 8KM

Kicking at finish to 8KM - effort!!
 Start of the 3KM me 2nd left in changed gear white hat white and blue vest.
 Presentations (gee I'm going grey!)

Sat Rest
Sun 8.00am 7.74km Botanic to Bridge 4th 25m21 (1st M45+) 3m16 K's
Sun 9.40am 2.89km Botanic to Bridge 3rd 9m14  3m12 K's
Mon Roo+Lake 43m48  4m08 K's

I flew to Glady on Sat arvo and had a good nights sleep. Caught the courtesy bus from the Finish precinct to the start and shared the journey with Jackson Elliott this and last years winner who had also flown up from Brissy on Sat.
Warmed up with Jackson and  his mate Drew Williams and Helen Stanton (my North Lakes neighbour).
The Start of this race is like no other - straight up a steep hill for about 150m. I could really feel my hammies giving out as I tried to sprint up the hill. Thankfully the course then settled out for a bit as we ran in a straight line back into town. Jackson cruised effortlessly off into the distance and I tried to settle into a comfortable zone.
The K's went;
2m20 (3m09 Pace)
Two guys (Drew Williams and Paul Tucker )gapped me and I spent the race battling a 15 year old lad called Elliot Hodgson. He kept me honest as we exchanged lead duty a few times. The course was quite undulating and that can be read in the K times. 
In fact I checked the Garmin data and that read 84m of Elevation gain, which compares with Jetty to Jetty 57m gain, Gold Coast 19m gain and Noosa 4m gain. Of course there was downhill as well hence the 3m07 5th KM. The battle with young Elliot came down to a final sprint and as the Announcer called out 'David Sweeney who is 49 and Elliot Hodgson who is 15 - how about that for an age gap! 
And the old Master gets the better of the youngster'. 
But Elliot sure will be a name to look out for in the future and expect him to be winning his local race within 5 years if he stays focussed.
My official time was 25m21 (I forgot to stop the Garmin on the line!). That would equate to 26m10 for 8K's (3m16 K's) which according to McMillan is worth 32m59 for 10K's (3m18 K's) which is OK on that course.
Jackson Elliott was 50 secs slower than last year winning in 23m50, I was 3 secs quicker which was pleasing because the course was slightly extended from last year as they made us run about 100m further at the finish (an unwelcome surprise as I had launched my kick and had to hang on and on!).
I backed up again and ran the 3KM race an hour or so later. The L.knee hurt over the first K (was close to limping!) but I still covered it in 3m02 benefiting from a downhill section, as winner Neil Labinsky and another guy gapped me.
The second K 3m23 including the killer uphill section at Doongoon St through the CBD , the finish precinct is pretty flat and I ran 2m48 for 894m (3m08 K pace) where I closed on 2nd place but finished 3rd.
I spent a pleasant morning waiting for the presentations with Jackson Elliott and Helen Stanton and her husband Scott Carlson. Helen won her second $2500 prize  in 8 days having won at the Cane to Coral in Bundy last Sunday. I wonder if she has to declare it to the taxman?? ; )
Scott disclosed that Helen wasn't even a runner until after they met! He was a really gifted runner who hailed from Victoria originally but has now unfortunately (for the time being) retired.
Jackson ran 14m04 5000m by himself winning the State title this year and ran 29m43 10KM (Launceston).
Botanic to Bridge Results here


BeerMatt said...

Great racing Dave. Good to see your recent times coming down and still mixing it with the young uns.

Warren said...

HiDave, We haven't met - but I believe you met my son on
Sunday. He was very happy with the race and said it was great having people to push him- so thanks for running with him. And it is good for the oldies to beat the youngies- keeps them a bit humble. And thanks also for the encouraging comments for him.
Warren Hodgson

kevin f forde said...

Not a bad day at the office my friend!

David said...

Thanks for all your comments Guys,
Hey Warren credit to you - your son's got talent. Hope he does stay focussed and for sure in 12 months time I'll be running in his dust.