12 August 2011

Moving in Stereo

Fri 12.44pm Brisbane River 11.74km 47m22  4m02 K's
Thurs 12.25pm Brisbane River 11.72km 44m59 3m50 K's
Wed 1.50pm Brisbane River 11.69km 47m01  4m01 K's
Tues 12.12pm Brisbane River 11.70km 45m09  3m52 K's

Easy week, just ticking over, hoping to keep the body together but it seems to be all falling apart - I don't think there is any part of my lower body that does not have a twinge or a tweak - the joys of getting older I guess.Wont stop me from trying a raid on Gladstone at the weekend - good luck to all racing there and Sydney in the C2S or where ever you might be.
Spent yesterday evening on YouTube reliving some of my youth. I loved the début album by the cars in 1978. One of those albums where there is not a duff track. Was trying to decide which was my favourite track and am still not sure but saw this top quality video which a fan has put together from film clips, an epic work and it those images stayed with me today - very surreal well worth 4mins of your time!


kevin f forde said...

Kick arse video!

TokyoRacer said...

Great video - I'm a big fan of The Cars and Agent Smith. (People were always telling me I look like Agent Smith.)

Robert Song said...

I don't know if you can blame your aches and niggles on getting old. I'd put it down to how bloody hard you train and push yourself. I am constantly amazed at your training intensity and the great results you get are justly deserved.

Oh and The Cars music has seemed to aged better than a lot of other bands from that era.

David said...

Hey Robert really good to see that your road to recovery is going well.
Long may you run.
"Life's the same except for my shoes "