31 August 2011

Mike Sully Memorial CC Boys Race 1976

Wed 5.38am 10.60km Lake+Roo 43m27 4m06 K's
Tues 5.41am 10.62km Lake+Roo 43m25 4m05 K's

Have spent the last two nights sleeping in a self made strassburg sock which makes a massive improvement on those first few PF steps in the morning.
The calves were also still quite sore following Sundays session , lots of self massage helps that.
I'm not sure if they still run it but back in the day the Mike Sully Memorial Cross Country meet at Bristol each November used to be one of the biggest Cross Country race meets of the year, one where we Southern teams would meet with the teams from the Midlands and the North. Here are the results from 1976.
I got beat as usual by Dave Lewis and on this occasion  Eddie Herridge from Aldershot but I did manage to fend off my arch nemesis ;) Phil Llewellyn! 
Gary Taylor from Hounslow was a year younger than us but he was always such a talented runner he'd be racing on a par or beating us throughout the age groups. 
Gary went to the States on an athletics scholarship and still resides there where I think he has a couple of Runners Shops and he Coaches. 
He just did a Full Ironman in 10hrs 18 (from memory), so is one of the few guys from back then currently competing.
All these guys ran in the English Schools XC I posted two days ago. Other guys to look out for Weaver, Ledger, Sweatman, and Swain . Dixon, Dagnal, Jones and others  were less known to us because they were from 'up North'!

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