29 July 2011

All by Myself

Fri 12.27pm 11.76km Brisbane River 44m56  3m49 K's
Thurs 5.21am 9.29km Petrie Rail 42m56  4m37 K's

I ran completely 'all by myself' today and yesterday! 
It is a lonely furrow I plough. 
With any luck at the weekend at Nudgee I shall have the company of several hundred 'Bingo' players along the back straight and perhaps a few ducks that tend to inhabit the Rugby pitch infield.


Tim said...

Brilliant Dave, you sure thats not you though from 30 years back ?
Love the 4 girls behind him dancing - great movers :)

David Sweeney said...

I really love his shirt and that hair!
It's your younger sister wearing the hat behind him!