20 July 2011

Sacramento Wrap

Mon 5.55pm Roo 5.69km 23m32  4m08 K's
Tues 5.38am Lake+Roo 10.63km 45m25  4m16 K's
Too many late nights watching the Tour has my training routine all over the shop.
Loving how Cadel is going at the moment, can he keep it going?
My brother Tim in NZ made me laugh recently when we discussing Cadel , this is what he wrote.
"I struggle with the "look" of Evans, his jaw put's Desperate Dan to shame, I see no point in him wearing a "slip stream" helmet during the time trials, he'd be better off using "cow horn" handle bars on his bike to tuck his chin behind!"
At  the Worlds there were too many fantastic races to single out only a few but ...
Keith running a WR and Rob winning Gold in 1500m have special interest. 
The quality of the M45 5000m and 10,000m races were amazing.
Francis Burdett running sub 32mins and not getting a medal was really unfortunate. 
My eyes have now turned to the World M50 results and was thinking perhaps I could have medalled if competed in 8KM XC, 5000m and 10,000m.


TokyoRacer said...

Well, I'll be 65 next year (gasp!) - maybe we should both go and collect some medals. Where will it be?

Easy Tiger said...

Go for it Dave, 2016 in Perth, you'll smash it!

I'll be 42 then. My eyes lit up when I saw the times that won the 800m's in Sacramento.

I've even called my old sprint coach to get my speed back up to scratch.

kevin f forde said...

Any plans on the Oceania Games next year as a newly minted M50 runner Dave?

Anonymous said...

What?!? I didn't get a medal?

That's OK...walked away with a time I was happy with.

Hey, who's this Kevin Forde guy? Probably wears a lot of green.

- Francis

David Sweeney said...

Hey Bob!
Next WMA Champs are 2013 Porte Alegre Brazil,then Lyon France in 2015 and the one Down Under where I would definitely like to compete Perth Australia in 2016!
Tiger - comparatively the age groups get harder (more competitive) as you get older(to a point) and we welcome every new comer to Masters track.
Kevin - I only looked at the Oceania web site yesterday! I have a brother in NZ about 3 or 4 hours drive away from the host city! It is a 'maybe' but previous Oceania results suggest competition can be sketchy.Maybe a good opportunity to visit my Bro.
Francis - you ran a fantastic time that would have won you a Gold in the last few Worlds!
As for Kevin - thank goodness he doesn't wear the lily white! (of Tottenham)

kevin f forde said...

I saw the Oceania Games listed and wondered if they'd interest you period,much less w/ the whole new age group to attack.
Not sure what's worse a Spurs fan leaving messages on your blog....or a utter Gobshite like Francis posting comments!!! I'll deal w/ him next week in Berea at US Masters Nationals!