14 July 2011

Jetty to Jetty

Sun 2.16pm 21.2km Roo+LakeX2 87m28s  4m08 K's
Mon 5.30pm 10.68km Roo+Lake battery died! was running 4m12's up to 8.84km
Tues 5.37am 10.68km Lake+Roo 46m48 4m23 K's
Wed 5.43am 10.66km Lake+Roo 45m28 4m16 K's
Thurs 5.48am 10.68km Lake+Roo 44m20 4m09 K's

I'm going to be racing 10KM at Redcliffe on Sunday morning in the Jetty to Jetty.
It is my local race over a certified course, slightly undulating as it passes over some coastal headlands.Nevertheless I ran 32m36 in 2008, I'm not in that shape but always
enjoy this race.


Josh Amberger said...

I think I raced you the year you did that fast time! All the bets this year, I wish I could be done under for all these road races.

kevin f forde said...

Good luck