27 July 2011

Patsy Walsh

Mon 12.40pm Brisbane River 11.69km 46m28 3m59 K's
Tue 12.14pm Brisbane River 11.74km 45m17  3m51 K's
Wed 12.22pm Brisbane River 11.86km 44m54  3m47 K's

Same course every day, nice and warm and sunny. For some reason the distance measured by the Garmin seems to be getting longer! perhaps it is all the weaving I'm doing along the South Bank where there are hordes or other runners, walkers and tourists.
Tonight I'm out for drinks with Patsy Walsh ( a mate I knew from London and a drinking legend) so will have a very slow run in the morning to pick up my car from Petrie.
Here are the Garmin details from this run last week.

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