06 July 2011

Georges Richmond

Sun Rest
Mon 5.28pm 5.69km Roo 24m02  4m13 K's
Tues 5.40am 10.68km Lake+Roo 46m02 4m19 K's
Wed 5.41am 10.68km Lake+Roo 46m53 4m23 K's

Immediately following Saturday's race my left knee seized up. I had difficulty jogging (limped) back to the car and changing gears on the drive back. Sunday the affliction was as bad, hardly able to extend knee. Pretty sure it is a continuation of the knee tendinitis I've suffered last 3 years only it is the first time I've had such a reaction.
I took some anti inflams and by Monday it was feeling better so tried a short 6K to see if it reacted.
Tuesday mornings run was OK and knee is back to the background levels of pain I've suffered all along so OK. The remarkable thing about Tuesday mornings run was the air temperature, I was running through pockets of air that must have been 20 C - beautiful! Today however was savage! My Thermometer read about 10 C and it felt absolutely freezing - definitely need to get some gloves if this continues!

The World Masters Athletics Championships starts today in Sacramento and a big call out to all those competing specially Aussies (Like Scott said Robert Scherkolt M45 (8 , 15 and maybe 5?), John Jago M50 (8) and Keith Bateman M55 8KM XC, 15, 5, maybe 10, and Mara !!
If you haven't caught up with his blog yet do yourself a favour and bookmark this as Keith gives a detailed account of pre Champs training and will be blogging whilst in Sacto.Give Keith some encouragement as he hopes to set a World Record (5 or 15).
Of course I must also  send best wishes to USA Master, Kevin Ford (like me another London Irish man) who will be running M45 5000.

Looking at the result from GC on Sunday I noticed this stand out performance;
14H0030GEORGES RICHMOND01:10:32   01:10:31      14M14    M45-49    1

Does anyone have any background details on Georges? He was only a dozen seconds off setting an Australian Half Mara record! Where did he come from? sensational running !


Fossil said...

Thanks - but I am adjusting my tactics to the heat - 40C here - so tactical races I think. :-)

Scott Lawrence said...

Dave, Rob looks to have qualified comfortably overnight in the 800, winning in 2:06. He won't do the 5k, focussing on 8 & 15, where he will be very difficult to beat. I believe John J is running the 1500 only. Best to all competing. Cheers.

David Sweeney said...

Thanks Scott,
it is all very exciting.

kevin f forde said...

Thanks for the shout out,fingers crossed the powers that be vote for Perth 2015 for Worlds