24 July 2011

Cadel Evans

Sun 12.24pm 10 X 400m @ Nudgee 120m jog recovery   Ave 67.93
Sat 5.30pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 39m55 - 3m46 K's
Fri 3.46pm 10.54km (!) Roo+Lake 41m36 - 3m56 K's
Thur 12.19pm 11.80km Brisbane River 44m30 - 3m46 K's
Wed 12.20pm 11.76km Brisbane River 45m02 - 3m49 K's

The Tour has really taken its toll on my routine! fantastic racing by Cadel so all the late nights have been worth it.
Instead of early morning runs I have got out at lunch time at work and run in beautiful sunny warm conditions all week! It makes a nice change from the dark chilly mornings.
Today I thought I'd do a bit of speedwork and felt surprisingly good. Though I have been suffering a recurrence of the left knee tendinitis since the Gold Coast, anti inflam cream and a good warm up sees off the worst of it.Conditions were warm and sunny with  a slight breeze to contend with in the home straight. I felt good from the off opening up with a 67 was a nice surprise. The always difficult second rep was 69 and I was pleased I managed to keep it under 70 as I my goal was to run them all sub 70. As the session progressed I went from running 68's to finish off  with 67's. I gave this session everything I had - perhaps  proved by the last rep only equalling the previous 5.
That was probably a (recent) PB session. Recovery jog was between 70 and 80 secs.
# 1 ; 67.45   142bpm
# 2 ; 69.36   152bpm
# 3 ; 68.38   154bpm
# 4 ; 68.83   156bpm
# 5 ; 67.83   155bpm
# 6 ; 67.44   156bpm
# 7 ; 67.81   157bpm
# 8 ; 67.30   159bpm
# 9 ; 67.77   158bpm
#10; 67.20   158bpm


Tim said...

Hey Master, Great session you are on fire.Don't knock the late nights if you are still able to run those times:)

kevin f forde said...

The look on Cadel's face when he kissed the lion after the time trial was priceless!!,I hope I have a similar expression atop the podium at Nationals on Saturday after the 10,000m final!!!