09 July 2011

Nudgee 6 X 1000m - 200m jog recovery

Thurs 5.45am 10.69km Lake+Roo 46m06 - 4m19 K's
Fri 12.22pm 14.08 Bridges 56m12 - 4m00 K's
Sat 12.43pm 6 X 1000m @ Nudgee 200m jog rest recovery

Thurs morning I wore socks on my hands as gloves! 
Just too cold for a softee Queenslander!
Decided to run in the warmth of the day on Fri so got out at work in the City. Unfortunately my normal course was completely blocked as repairs to riverside walkways meant I had to make up a run on the hoof. Lost a lot of time running down some dead ends and trying to cross busy road junctions and the inevitable dodgems around people as I ran through the restaurant precinct.
This arvo it was a return to Nudgee in sunny but windy conditions I ran 6 X 1000m with 200m jog recovery;
#1.  3m08  155bpm
#2 . 3m09  157bpm
#3.  3m10  159bpm
#4.  3m09  161bpm
#5.  3m08  163bpm
#6.  3m07  164bpm
Happy enough with that workout given the wind.
I Googled that M45 from the GC Half Marathon and found that Georges Richmond is in fact a French guy and he ran 2h36m in this years Paris Marathon.
The World Masters Athletics  Champs in Sacramento are off and running. 
The 8KM XC has been completed (Keith Bateman won the M55 in a time that would have also won the M50 and M45!! Also the initial heats for 800m have taken place with 'Our' M45 Robbie Schwerkolt qualifying second fastest. The big events of interest for  me will be the 5000m today (Sat) and the 10,000m.

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Scott Lawrence said...

Rob S 2nd fastest into M45 800m final (1:30pm Tues AEST)with 2:01 2nd in semi. All to run for. Go Rob.