31 July 2011

Lily of the Valley

Sat 5.24pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 40m03 3m48 K's
Sun 8.54am 6 X 1000m Nudgee 200m jog recovery;

#1. 3m08.46
#2. 3m08.44
#3. 3m06.60
#4. 3m02.72
#5. 3m05.15
#6. 3m03.18

Normally prefer to train at the track later in the day when it is warmer but happy enough with this mornings effort. It was 14.07 O C at 9.00am with a slight breeze. 6.5 lap warm up and 4 strides and into it. The cooler temps  equate to faster running conditions and these Winter sessions have surprised me as I'd thought I'd be sluggish but will be interesting to see how they compare with the heat of the Summer.
No Bingo players and no ducks but I did have the company of a couple of triathletes at the track for half the session. Left knee tendinitis still a worry but it eases with warm up.
This track is for my beautiful daughter Lily x

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