02 July 2011

Gold Coast 10KM 33m24 26th (1st M45-49)

Sat 7.20am Gold Coast 10KM 33m22   26th  1st M45-49

Fri 5.43am Lake+Roo 10.64km 44m19  4m09 K's
Thu 5.39am Lake+Roo 10.64km 44m16  4m09 K's
Wed 5.29am Lake+Roo 10.61km 46m16  4m16 K's
Tues 5.22am Lake+Roo 10.64km 47m19  4m27 K's
Mon 5.34pm Roo+Lake 10.65km 43m13 4m03 K's

Result are here

Up at 4.00am and on the road at 5.00am. Got to Gold Coast Hicks Road car park at 6.30am and picked up my number from Elite tent and warmed up with a 3KM jog. Wanted to try a reserved start and and see if I could pick things up in second half of race. Stood about 4 rows back on the start line and for me was pretty conservative in first KM. There seemed to be hordes of runners in front and I eventually found my race rhythm .
Prior to race day I felt rather under done in my training just steady 10KM mostly with a couple of faster tempo runs whilst in Cairns. I anticipated finding it difficult to  improve on my Noosa 10K time (33m45). As things panned out I ran in a small group between 2KM and 4KM and struck out by myself for the next couple of K's as we turned and started to run into a headwind. It was tough going and when I got caught by two guys between 7 and 8KM I took the time to shelter behind. By comparison to fronting the wind alone the' going' felt real slow (my splits confirmed this!). 
Normally I would kick on and run  'hard as' by myself but today my only goal was to win age category, so happy enough to bludge.
Amazingly we started to catch a small group up ahead. The finish of the GC seems to go on and on for ever. I was a little half hearted with my effort and very happy to cross the line.
33m22 net /33m24finish was  better than I expected. 
It gives me good encouragement because
A. It is a decent enough time.
B. I can certainly run better later in the year when I intend to peak (September onwards).
My Garmin had the splits;

I met  HuRTS Squad member Jonathan Fenton  (JF) both before and after the race. He ran a brilliant  PB  33m54 (Tom  and Tim were pretty close on their predictions). 
Good Luck to all you guys running Sunday, unfortunately I wont be able to support in person but will be looking forward to the reports online. 
The Gold Coast Marathon festival is a brilliantly organised affair and I love how it attracts runners from all over the country.
My previous record here was ;
2007  10KM    33m14      18th &  1st
2008  HM       72m26      27th &  1st
2010  10KM    34m32      41st &  1st


kevin f forde said...

Nice job,I'm off to the track to do the 3x2mile repeat you suggested.
Post Nationals I'm going to keep the focus on 10k and look to lower my 10k pr(34.53)set way back in 84 in West London in only my 2nd ever 10k road race have picked the race on Nov 6th at the Norcross Bridge Run.
Not sure if it's the same down under but here stateside 10ks are going out like the ark,very hard to find these days.

Scott Lawrence said...

Nice run Dave - congrats. Sorry i missed you before/after. Another small step back from knee/groin problems i've had for almost a year now, 37:22. Still a way to go, but at least i'm moving fwd - just have to keep the consistent training/racing going. Good luck to all in Sacremento - particularly Rob S (800/1500) and John Jago. Cheers, Scott

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Dave. Good luck as you start ramping up in prep for breaking heaps of records in the 50+ age group. JF

Bellthorpe said...

Well done. I'd like to think your result was helped by my enormous shout when I saw you just after the turn. But then again, maybe it's really because you've trained well and ran hard!

David Sweeney said...

Hey Guys thanks for all your comments