17 July 2011

Jetty to Jetty 2011 3rd 34m10 (1st M40)

Sun 10KM Jetty to Jetty 3rd 34m10 (1st M40)
Sat Rest
Fri 5.34pm 10.57km Roo+Lake 42min00  3m58 K's

Jetty to Jetty 2011 3rd 34m10 (1st M40)
2006 10th (1st Cat) 33m37
2007  7th (1st Cat) 34m02
2008  5th (1st Cat) 32m36
2010 8th (2nd Cat) 34m48
2011 3rd (1st Cat) 34m10
Results are here

I was pleased with 3rd place (my best ever) but today's  time was ordinary. 
I thought I put in a decent effort, ran on my own from 1.5K when  Alistair Stephenson gapped me as he worked his way up to join Matt Brown in the race for victory.  
I think the breeze coming in off the Bay after the turnaround and the hills over the heads took it out of me.
I added photos from the day showing me wearing the famous African Violet from Loughborough. The Adidas version of this vest dates it pre 1980 my first year at Loughborough as by then we'd switched to a forerunner of Nike (can't remember the name! ?). Me and a guy called Kenny Allen from Northern Island swapped my old Shaftesbury Harriers vest for his Loughborough Adidas vest. It was from the era when Dave Moorcroft and Seb Coe ruled the roost at Loughborough more than 30 years ago!


Bellthorpe said...

It was a bit breezy, and those (small) hills and all the roundabouts make for a not very fast course. But hey, everyone runs the same course, and your result is outstanding. Well done. Good to have a brief chat before the start.


kevin f forde said...

Congrats on 3rd and winning the M40

Scott Lawrence said...

Amazing performance by Keith Bateman at Sacramento: four Gold - 8k XC, 5k, 1500 (in WR I believe?) and marathon!! I'm sure the 10k guys were pleased you decided against that! Congrats Keith.
Also Rob's win in M45 1500m was great to see. Cheers, S

David Sweeney said...

Thanks Guys!

As for the Worlds Scott that were too many fantastic races to single out only a few but Keith running a WR and Rob winning Gold in 1500m have special interest. The quality of the M45 5000m and 10,000m were amazing.
Francis Burdett running sub 32mins and not getting a medal was really unfortunate. My eye has now turned to the M50 results and was thinking perhaps I could have medalled if competed in 8KM XC, 5000m and 10,000m.