01 September 2011

The Southern Boys Cross Country Championships - Windsor 1977

Thur 5.40am 10.58km Lake+Roo 42m03 3m59 K's

More results from the past (1977). 
The Parker Cup Races were in Manchester and Phillipe Brown (from Luxembourg) , his mum and I got the train up from London. I have almost no recollection of this race other than it might have been the week before or after the England Schools XC  . 
I never heard of the guy Vince Taylor from Blackpool who beat me, before or after! Andy Green was a year younger.
The Southern Boys at Windsor was a great race, I remember it being very muddy with lots of large puddles. The great Andy Bristow and Col Pearson beat me in a close run finish.Again I finished ahead of soon to be Club 'mate' Phil Llewellyn ;) 
23rd was Lee Cockett who around this era became a legend winning the All England Schools Junior 1500m. A great talent that sadly disappeared from the running scene far too early.
The Middlesex County Championship results bring back many memorable names in the Junior Mens Race nearly all of those guys had successful and long running careers.
13th Johnny Broe  went to my school and had a big influence on my career and now lives in Balgowlah (Manly Sydney). Lee Benjamin and Pete Holland continue running masters in England. 
My best mate (Best Man) Jeff Kaye came 2nd in the Youths beating Cliff Barley who had won the English Schools XC in 1975 (Junior Boys) .

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