08 March 2011

Barca in the morning

Mon 5.51pm 5.66km Roo 23m26 4m09 K's
Tues  5.21am 10.59km Roo+Lake 46m06  4m21 K's

On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat it developed into full man flu as the congestion plus running nose sneezing took hold through Sunday. Still had it Monday but today it is on the wain.
Late night Sunday (Liverpool V Manu = great game for a Gooner!) so Monday was evening run and no time as Natalie was off to Soccer training and what with the cold =  just a short run.
I have gone through some ups and downs with the hip thinking it is coming good and then suffering relapses but I'm hanging in there for the moment.
Barca in the morning , I'm not too optimistic but hey! we have a chance and how many teams even get the opportunity to play the Worlds best team? Come on you Gooners!


Scott Brown said...

Sorry about the result David.

Still as you said it was an opportunity. Could have gone the other way!

I see Mo Farah is an Arsenal fan too.

Tim said...

yeh sorry about the result Dave - Another season with an empty cabinet :) ( will this be 6 or 7 now?)
Can't really complain though even though you made it 1 -1 you never looked like scoring to be honest.
The sending off of Van Persie was a disgrace mind you
Ps, Get on Stoke now to beat West Ham for a place in the FA Cup semi final:)

David Sweeney said...

Thanks for the sympathy guys!