20 March 2011

Saint Josephs

Sat 3.45pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 43m14  4m05 K's
Sun 10.25am 10 X 400m Nudgee  75sec jog recovery

#1  69.20  146bpm
#2  70.36  153bpm
#3  71.94  154bpm
#4  70.81  156bpm
#5  70.60  157bpm
#6  69.57  157bpm
#7  69.77  159bpm
#8  70.86  160bpm
#9  71.71  159bpm
#10  68.15  162bpm

Back to the track at St.Josephs Nudgee. Teaming rain (it has rained all weekend) but still feels warm and humid, could still feel the sun breaking through even heavy cloud and the heat bouncing off the track.
How would the hip hold up? If anything as I was warming up I had more gip from my knee (tendinitis), warmed up with 6.5 laps of the track, some stretching and some strides.
Hit the first interval and was pleased to be running OK if a little rusty. I aways know #2 and #3 tend to get away from me a bit as I work into the set and start to loosen up. 
After 3 my vest was saturated and heavy so dispensed with it. Feet were slightly slipping in my spikes but decided to plough on rather than stop and retie my laces as that would bugger up my recovery and I felt that was more important.
#4 was more like it, remembering the mantra start quick, work hard down the back straight, think about leg turnover in the bottom bend and concentrate on staying relaxed down the finishing straight. The next few intervals came along pretty well but I did bottle it on #9 as ever subconsciously trying to hold myself together (hold back) so that I can complete the session. #10 was again repeat the mantra and stick it down the home straight treading serious lactate pain.
All up I'm happy with that session and will build on it with some 800's or 1000's. Hip is a little sore following.
Did not stay up to watch the Gooners , I expected an away draw and given we've got Aluminia in goal watching a game can be stressful! How can our No.1 goalie be out for 6 weeks??? with just a dislocated finger??? I'm hoping that some of the other injured players can start to make it back into the side now that we have the international break coming up , this is the business and of the season.
Great performance from  Matty Goss winning the Milano Sanremo overnight? terrific result on top of Cadel's victory in the Terrino-Adriatico last week.

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