22 March 2011

Loopzilla - George 'Dr Funkenstein' Clinton

Tues 5.26am 10.56km Roo+Lake 44m55  (4m15 Ks)

Outrageous humidity again this morning in fact these last few days it has been heaving. This arvo on the train back from Central to Petrie the air con was broken and the carriage was a sweat box, didn't help having to stand the whole journey.

My gadget told me it was 90% humidity and 24 O C  (75 O F) when I  ran this morning.

Today I have entered the Nationals, nearly got tempted into entering the 1500 as well as the 5, 10 and 8K CC, but for once I have seen sense. Gone are the days like Hobart in 2006 when on the first day of competition I ran a flat out 10K and followed up an hour later with an 800m of all events! Next day was 1500m, followed by 5000m on third day and fourth day was 8K CC. 
A days recovery after the 10K will do me good.

Can anyone out there say they bought Loopzilla on 12inch back in 1980? 
Yeah I did!

dont touch that radio
dont touch that radio
dont touch that radio
dont touch that knob

more bounce to the ounce
more bounce to the ounce


Anonymous said...

Dave it nice to see your 'inner soul boy' occasionally make an appearance! ;-)
Email me your home address & I will send you that Buckner book you have just quoted & which I promised to send you ages ago!!

Tim said...

Hey Master, There's a new girl out named Rebecca Black who has just released a song called 'Friday' some are predicting it's the worse song EVER......i tell you what. Old Loopzilla, Or Godzilla can't be far behind....what you smoking up there? :)

Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

Best wishes in the last few weeks David. We have entered the same events. Look forward to catching up with you in Brissie

Robert Song said...

I bought a 12" single by George Clinton in 1982 called Atomic Dog , that had a version of Loopzilla on the B-side.

I found it really humid on Tuesday morning. Much better today though.

Scott Lawrence said...

David and Bruce,
It seems we won't race in Brisbane, as I am focussing on the 800/1500, so will have the pleasure of "racing" Rob S. But you will, too...
I hope to see you both there. Scott.

David Sweeney said...

Hey Philippe in Luxembourg - home of the Schlecks! Thanks
Young Timmy check out the video!
Bruce Thanks and good wishes to you for your build up! I think we will be seeing quite a lot of each other!
Robert - Respect! I could hardly believe that someone out there could have similar taste!
Scott Sorry to miss out on your events but at least we'll catch up!