14 March 2011

The Brisbane Roar

Mon 6.00pm 6km 23m57 Struggled with hip!
Sun 5.12pm 10.61km 39m19  3m42 K's Worked Hard
Sat 5.50pm 10.66km  42m19  3m58 K's Felt strong
Fri 5.34am 10.61km  46m 03  4m21 K's Took it easy
Thur 5.19am 10.63km 46m41  4m21 K's Struggled
Wed  3.35pm  10.58km  41m06  3m53 K's - Pushed it

It goes without saying that events in Japan put your life in perspective and though it seems perverse -  life carries on and as such ,might as well carry on blogging.

Did you hear Pete Magill ran 5000m in 14m 45.88  !!
He is 49.9 , it is a WR for a 49 y.o , Pete's real focus is breaking the M50 WR which stands at 14m53.2, Pete is 50 in June. He is a phenomenon! 

Good running at Queensland Masters on Sat, below are the results of the 3000m;
Would have been a good race between Shane and Geoff  and I'd have thought that Anne Ryan had Performance of the Day, that is before I saw M57  Peter Reeves  9m52  89.91% age grade!!

The Brisbane Roar ? - well that was me on Sun arvo watching my local side clinch the Australian Major Prem /Grand Final after being 0 -2 down into the second half of extra time.
Two late late goals had me screaming like it was Arsenal and the whole family was transfixed by the penalties and there could only be won winner - well actually Australian Football and Brisbane Football have all won from this famous Roar Victory.
Like Arsenal Roar have gone undefeated this whole season ! ( though Arsenal had to play 38 games in their season with Roar only having to play 28).

QMA Brisbane Metropolitan - 12/03/2011 
  South Qld Championships Day 1 
  State Athletics Facility Nathan 
  Results - Saturday 12th March

  Event 1  W45 3000 Metre Run 
    Name     Age Team      Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Banaghan, Glenda   W47 Metro Central   10:41.79  9:28.25 88.24%   
  Event 1  W55 3000 Metre Run 
    Name    Age Team     Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Ryan, Anne    W55 Metro Central    11:41.94    9:20.43 89.47%      
  Event 1  M40 3000 Metre Run 
    Name      Age Team     Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Berkeley, Geoff   M42 Metro Central    9:13.28    8:35.11 85.42% 
  2 Wood, Neil     M44 Metro South     11:35.27   10:37.50 69.02%   
  Event 1  M45 3000 Metre Run 
    Name     Age Team    Finals    Age-Grading 
  1 George, Shane   M45 South Queensland   9:11.08    8:21.43 87.75% 
  2 Daly, Gerard   M49 Metro North     11:15.50    9:55.59 73.88%   
  Event 1  M50 3000 Metre Run 
    Name  Age Team   Finals    Age-Grading 
  1 Davies, Phil M53 Metro Central   10:17.80    8:47.36 83.43% 
  2 Dimauro, Con   M52 Metro South  10:26.80    8:59.43 81.57% 
  3 Coulter, Greg  M53 Metro South 10:38.80  9:05.30 80.69%   
  Event 1  M55 3000 Metre Run 
    Name   Age Team    Finals  Age-Grading 
  1 Reeves, Peter   M57 South Queensland  9:52.89 8:09.38 89.91%      
  Event 1  M60 3000 Metre Run 
    Name   Age Team  Finals  Age-Grading 
  1 Sheer, John   M63 Metro Central  11:29.65  9:00.14 81.46% 
  2 Chippendale, Paul   M64 Metro South  18:18.49 14:12.54 51.61%   
  Event 1  M65 3000 Metre Run 
    Name Age Team    Finals   Age-Grading 
  1 Ryhanen, Erkki  M65 Coastal North  13:26.25  10:20.09 70.96% 
  2 Dominish, Rod   M66 Metro North   13:47.20   10:30.33 69.81% 
  3 Nixon_Smith, Derek  M65 Unatta  14:01.23   10:46.99 68.01% 


Scott Brown said...


Nobody benefits from us not going about our day to day.

In fact it's essential that we keep on keeping on as it is just this that enables those directly imapacted to stay sane!

Could you imagine how good it would make everyone feel if say they saw a person who had lost everything jogging through the destruction! That would be truely inspirational.

As are you and Pete Magill.

Keep doing your best and thanks for you thoughts via my blog.

Tim said...

Dave, Congrats on The Roar's win in the footy, sorry about your Goonnerrs though again:)
Talking of which - light hearted humor.
You have to feel sorry for all those foreign people.The trauma they,ve just suffered after losing everything in almost an instant.Oh well,better luck next year Arsenal!
Might have to get the Stoke hat out Dave for the semi finals now :)

Robert Song said...

The Roar GF victory was unbelievable and the atmosphere at the ground was sensational.

A few minor errors though on the Roar season. They played 30 games in the regular rounds and lost once to Melbourne Victory. Since then they have been undefeated in the next 28 games. (25 regular season games and 3 Finals games).

Scott Brown said...

Robert Song!!

How about a blog post brother?

Scott Lawrence said...

A change of subject:

a new M45 1500m AR was set last night: Rob Schwerkolt's 4:00.2 That's not a typo - he was 0.3s from breaking 4min!

Cheers, Scott