07 March 2011

Level 42

Sun 4.07pm 10.45km Roo+Lake 41m31 3m58 K's
Sat 2.21pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 43m28 4m07 K's


Tim said...

Love it Dave, A blast from the past with Mark King from the 80s, think my brother Lindup was also in the band?
Mate, this is getting more of a music blog these days then running :)

John N said...

Level 42 were bland twaddle if you ask me. I remember when you were a lot more hardcore and listened to lively stuff like this:



Tim said...

Bland Twaddle eh....Mmmm, Whatever happended to SPK?, last i heard they were in prison after trying to nick some poor guys exhaust pipe.
Bass guitarist was quality as well, sure he went to the Mark King school of learning :)

David Sweeney said...

Thanks for your support Timmy.
Johnny I refer you to my post from 23rd Nov 2010
I'm still as hard core as you!
Did we go to the Test Dept gig at Canon Street Railway Station?

John N said...

Yes, of course we were there - it was a benefit to support the Miners' strike. Now you can't say Level 42 ever did anything for Arthur Scargill.

By the way, watched the UK cross country championships at weekend on TV and 2nd in the u17 race was a certain Bradley Goater representing Middlesex. Assume Julian's son?