03 March 2011

Up at 3.45am

I got up at 3.45am for my run this morning! 
Somehow the Garmin has jumped forward an hour so rather than getting the alarm at 4.45am, 
I was up, stretching, watching the news when I noticed the time! Couldn't go back to bed and risk waking the Mrs so had 30mins kip on the sofa before getting out the door eventually at 5.15am. (Only just getting light).

It has been fantastically humid over the last few days, it really was a morning for running without a top but I wore my Salford Harriers vest the whole way (I joined Salford for a year in 2008 when I was going to run British Masters Road Relay with former Shaftesbury club mate Paul Simons team - The Pelvic stress fracture put paid to those plans).
I find when I top and tail runs that I invariably suffer and this morning was no exception a combination of last nights run, early morning stiffness, the humidity and the hip but actually 46m12 for 10.58KM and 4m22 K's is OK! Jumped in the pool to cool down after.
The night before (Weds) I was woken at 3.00am as the wind picked up preceding a storm. I had to get up as I had left our shade umbrella up and I needed to get it down before the wind destroyed it.This was no simple task as the locking pin is missing so it is no simple 'wined in' task , more like get pavers off lay whole assemblage on ground, gather shade then wind in! Anyhow I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and when my alarm went 45mins later the lack of sleep meant I changed plans and went for a run after work. 
As I have said before I run better in the evening, and even though it was again humid I was able to push the pace around Roo+Lake to sub 4min K's with a 41m54.
Tues morning was a 46m20 sec effort around Roo+Lake 10.55km for 4m24s K's
Mon 6.00pm 10.46km Roo+Lake 43m23 for 4m09 K's


TokyoRacer said...

I don't know why you bother sleeping! Just stay up and catch the occasional nap.
If i was getting up at 3:00 or 4:00 i would be useless all afternoon.

Scott Brown said...

Not to worry David. It wont be long until it sarts to cool down at bit there.

Thanks for the heads up re "Beer Matt." Actually I found him via your blog a few months ago and have been following with interest.

Yes, he has a great story one I'd be proud to emulate but may not have his pedigree ;)

Noticed too that he is also one from the "Mother country"! Really what is it with you guys?

I know there is a fantastic history of English runners and a
club scene but still seems too me the English punch above their weight when it comes to producing good runners.

There is an English lass over here married to her coach, Mari Yamaguchi, an Oxford graduate, who won the Osaka womens marathon a few years ago. She's a rocket too!

Scott Brown said...

Sorry David I wrote her name wrong it's "Mara Yamauchi", "Mara" named after a river in Kenya none the less, but you must know her.