19 March 2011

Rob Schwerkolt set a new M45 1500m Australian Record 4m00.2

Fri 5.34am 10.49km Roo+Lake 44m30  (4m14 K's)
Thurs 5.27am 10.55km Roo+Lake 44m40 (4m14 K's)
Wed 5.37am 10.52km Roo+Lake 42m53 (4m05 K's)
Tues 5.42am 10.54km Roo+Lake 43m53 (4m10 K's)

A good week of steady running in very very humid conditions. It is really staying dark a lot later these days and soon alas I will need to revert to my 10K Cadel route which has street lights.
Still not close to 100% but shall try some interval work this weekend before making the decision on whether to enter the Nationals.
Thanks Scott for the news that Victorian Rob Schwerkolt set a new M45 1500m Australian Record 4m00.2
The previous record had stood since 1989 Keith Wheeler 4m02.1
That's Rob #1126  ; Very impressive.


Scott Lawrence said...

Yes, Rob and I are in the same aths club, so I don't have to go far for elite masters competition. Fortunately, this is the 1 year in 5 we are in the same age category!
It would be interesting to see Jamie H and Rob race.

Scott Lawrence said...

here's the video:


Tim said...

More points dropped by the Arsenal overnight i see Dave?......Don't know about Lehmann coming back, I think Pat Rice should come off the bench after watching that shambles of a defence you have :)