24 March 2011

More bounce to the ounce!

Wed 5.30am 10.52km Roo+Lake 43m33  (4m08 K's)
Thurs 5.29am 10.53km Roo+Lake 42m00 (3m59 K's)

Dare I say it, this morning was relatively pain free!
Through the day I got some reference back in the hip and the knee but the light might be shining at the end of the tunnel. I did 'race it' a bit today, I was working out, as I went along, if I could bring it home in 4min K's which for me, in a morning, is really moving it.
K's were;
4m36, 4m15, 4m01, 4m04, 3m54, 4m00, 3m51, 3m40, 3m50, 3m41, 2m08(4m03 K Pace) 
10KM was 39m52

I had to post the 12 inch version of Loopzilla last time out but the truth is, that is only half the story! You have to see the guy in action to believe it, check out the single version below - check out the gear and the platforms ; )
Freddie Mercury meets Pimp

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