30 March 2011

De Levallois-Perret

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Wed 5.40am 10.42km(? - should read 10.6km)  43m52 4m09 K's

I came across this result from a race I did in France in 1990. 
To set the context, I'd given up racing in the mid 80's, gone backpacking to Oz in  1988/89 where I started  running/racing again for fun. I got back to the UK late in 1989 and continued running until the early 90's when a couple of ankle operations and family commitments/work saw me taking another long sabbatical.
My Club Shaftesbury regularly received invites from the Continent to bring teams to race road and Cross Country. I rarely went but this event was a typical continental race. Ran over a 12.4km road course , at 9pm in the town center, I only have a vague memory of running with 1000 others, but by myself (alone again  naturally) . 
Anyhow I saw that in 31st place was Emile Puttemans (Belgium winner of Olympic 5000m Silver at Munich in 72) Obviously he was still at his peak so I'll add him to the litany of 'stars I have beaten ; )
Actually I did beat Mark Moughton (ran 30m23 10KM in 1990) and Richard Charleston (8m33 3000 SC) who were both good performers.
I have some more old results that I'll post.

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James said...

This race doesn't exist any more Dave. Levallois is a small town on the west side of Paris and has moved very upmarket since 20 years ago. They wouldn't want to spoil their image by having sweaty runners polluting their streets nowadays.