09 March 2011


Wed 3.35pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 41m06  (3m53 K's)

Lily was sick for the second day which meant it was my turn to stay home to look after her, hence got out this arvo for a spin around the usual. 

Barca V Arsenal left me distinctly 'derezzed' this morning. Couldn't take it after Robin got sent off, had to take the dog out for a long walk. Still hopeful when I got back, I might see a smile on  my son's or wife's face but no !
It was a look of pity - damn it! I wish it didn't mean that much to me!

Derez (also spelled as "Derezz", short for "Deresolution") is a term to describe someone or something disappearing or dissolving, essentially resulting in deletion. It is a program's equivalent of death. The opposite of derez is resolution, the program equivalent of birth, or loading/starting a program in the system; and reresolution, or rebirth.
= Arsenal's Cup chances this year.

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