31 March 2011

Opposite way round

Thur. 5.20am 10.61km Lake+Roo 44m12 (4m10s K's) - Felt good

With daylight taking ever longer to arrive and the first part of Roo+Lake would be in total darkness so today I switched it to run Lake +Roo which has more pathway/street lighting. For a course so familiar, running it the opposite way round is a whole new landscape and unfamiliar. I didn't get the normal Garmin drop out in the first K (but I did get it in the ninth K)
4m33, 4m19, 4m08, 4m16, 4m14, 3m49, 3m59, 4m02, 4m14, 4m06, 2m32 (4m09 pace)


Tim said...

Don't bother with Roo+lake, the fans want more bounce to the ounce :)
Did you hear this one Dave?
In light of Al Fayeds planned statue of Michael Jackson at Fulham,Arsenal have announced their intentions to unveil a statue of Bullseye legend Jim Bowen outside the Emirates with the plaque reading "Let,s look at what you could have won".

David Sweeney said...

Ha ha ha!
Can't beat a bit of Bully!
"You get naught for two in a bed! - Not in this game....!"