15 November 2011

11 X 400m Barefoot

Sun 3.20pm16.23km Roo+Lake+Roo 72m31 4m28 K's
Mon 6.07pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m49 4m21 K's
Tues 5.19am Woodside Oval 10 X 400m 60s rest ; \
79.00, 77.90, 78.26, 77.40, 79.30, 
75.24,75.53, 75.96, 75.63, 73.26, 71.23

I forgot to set my alarm for 4.30am for the session at Nudgee so for a change I thought I'd run the local oval.
Local, Scott Carlson (top runner currently retired) told me that if you run around the 4 goal posts that comprise the two footy pitches at Woodside Oval in North Lakes it is spot on 400m. 
This meant running a square with rounded edges!! 
Probably more accurate than an oval on the Garmin  mine recorded all the repeats between 398m and 413m. Some times I'd run a slightly wider line to make the turns easier.
After the first 5 I decided to run barefoot and it is funny how my speed increased! 
Having such fun I miscounted and did an extra one!
Sunday I decided against track following Saturdays race - cant over do it!

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