19 November 2011

3000m 9m15.96 Qld M50 Rec

Wed 5.22am 10.58km Roo+Lake 46m26 4.23 K's
Thur 5.26am 10.58km Roo+Lake 46m38 4.24 K's
Fri 5.33am 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m34 4.19 K's

200 33
600 1.46
1000 3.03
1400 4.18
1800 5.33
2200 6.50
2600 8.03
3000 9.15

Hot and humid, some breeze.more walkers than runners so lots of lane two running, Peter Reeves said I looked strong start to finish. Happy to have beaten one of Ronnies Records which prior to Keith Bateman was an Australian record (KB moved it down from 9.19 to 8.59 !).Good to be running 3.05's. 
In the right conditions I should shave more off. Above times are aprox as might have mixed up schedule times with actual times.


TokyoRacer said...

Great! Congratulations.

Robert Song said...

Top effort. I can see why you are bappy with that;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave, great running early in the season. curious about the barefoot - are u just mucking about or looking at incorporating it into your training? Dave S

Bellthorpe said...

Wonderful race, well done!

And you've only just entered this age group ...

Anonymous said...

Well deserved record Dave. Congrats. Keep it going.


David said...

Hey Guys thanks for all your comments.
Dave Re Barefoot I'd say it is something we should all consider. For me I'm quite a ball of the foot/toes landing runner specially when fast pace so going barefoot doesn't make too much of a difference to my style.
Saying that if the running surface was suitable I'd prefer to go barefoot on sand or grass but as I dont have any true 'barefoot'shoes I carry on with what I have.Right now with PF in the right foot I'll try anything for relief from that tyranny!