01 November 2011

5 X 800m @ 2m29.16 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 5

At last we can say 'OOOOH to be a Gooner' with pride!

Mon 5.15am Roo+Lake+Roo 16.29km 70m41 4m20 K's

Tue 5.06am Nudgee 5 X 800m 2m30 recovery
2m30:64 148bpm
2m29:68 152bpm
2m28:33 155bpm
2m28:80 157bpm
2m28:35 160bpm


coach dion said...

HI there

It's so good to see that you can burn up the track... I do a little coaching in Cape Town and one of my athletes is a track runner (40+) and while he will kick my butt in the short stuff I beat him on the road. So (after my marathon) I have challanged him to a MILE, I hope I enjoy it and end up running a full season on track. Just hope road and trail don't get in the way.

Can't believe you as still running so fast.

David said...

Hey Coach Dion,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your comments. I hope you have sufficient recovery between the Marathon and the Mile - Good Luck!

It was interesting to visit your blog and read about running life in South Africa.