27 November 2011

20 X 400m @ 74.08 Cool for cats - Squeeze

As I drove to Nudgee this arvo this track played on the radio. I love it because it brings back a time when Londoners spoke and sang in a London accent rather than a Jamaican gangster voice that makes me cringe.
Of course as a kid hearing a band singing about the 'The Sweeney's doing ninety because they've got no where to go ....... ' is specially reminiscent !
For those that don't get it, the Metropolitan Police in London , the robbery squad was nicknamed Sweeney Todd (Cockney rhyming slang for The Flying Squad) , a rapid response unit to robberies. 
A TV series was made called The Sweeney staring John Thaw as D.I. Jack Regan  and Dennis Waterman as D.S. George Carter. John Thaw later stared as Inspector Morse [he developed a bizarre walking gait - his foot would flick sideways - said to be the result of injuries sustained during his Jack Regan days!]
Of coarse I had to go through my school years with everyone  humming the first three bars of the theme tune!
Anyhow today it was not 'Cool for Cats!' It was bloody hot!
At 5.00pm when I started the sesh it was 29 C /84 F , 66%, 9kph gusting 20kph , so contemplating 20 X 400m did not come easy!
For company once again I had Hughie Coogan and The News Sprint squad! Great to have company and exulted at that. Hughie was featured in the Sunday Mail this morning.
A steady start the wind and heat combining with a mental attitude to take things relatively easy following up from yesterdays race.
71.79  142bpm
74.50  147
75.45  145
74.55  148
75.98  148
74.94  149
75.40  150
76.38  150
75.30  150
74.08  151
75.02  151
74.33  152
73.96  153
73.84  152
73.90  154
73.54  154
74.28  154
72.88  156
73.72  155
67.82  159bpm

PF in right foot post session sore as !...

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kevin f forde said...

Gotta love Squeeze,good old South East London band,and The Sweeney was one of my fav tv shows back home growing up