22 November 2011

10 X 800m @ 2m34.58 ; 10 X 300m @ 51.44

Sun 4.35pm Nudgee 10 X 800m - 200m jog recovery
2m32.69 155bpm
2m34.65 159
2m35.78 161
2m32.60 163
2m36.02 163
2m35.12 164
2m32.98 167
2m35.88 166
2m36.80 165
2m33.30 165

Mon 5.30am 10.54km Roo+Lake 49m41 4.43 K's !

Tue 5.17am Nudgee 10 X 300m - 100m jog recovery @ 51.44

Sunday was warm (29 O C) and WINDY so tough conditions. I could not face 20 X 400 and so was pleased I covered the same distance doing 10 X 800m.
Also at the track Sunday was Queensland Sprint legend Hughie Coogan and his entourage. Hughie is a multi World Record Holder and World Champion in the 75year age cat. He'd shock many over 100m to 400m.
Monday I was smashed! PF in right foot really sore and could only crawl around in 4m43 K's.

This morning I set my alarm at 4.25am to get to Nudgee early.Brisbane sure is humid these Spring mornings. Thankfully the PF wasn't so bad and after a reasonable warm up opted for some fast work.I was happy with this session - I still have some speed! and I got progressively quicker as the session proceeded even with a short 100m jog recovery.

My oldest Oli graduated from High School last Friday. He is not sure what he wants to do but will go to Uni and has put down Physiotherapy, Commerce and Engineering!
Here in Oz they have a wonderful tradition of Schoolies. Schoolies is enough to give any parent a worry as your kids go off on holidays with their school mates to party and have a good time.
Oli has headed down to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) for a week. A week away without any adult supervision. You want them to have a really memorable time but you pray they are safe and sound. 1 down 3 to go!!

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