12 November 2011

5000m 15m55.34

To run a record you have to be in shape to run some way under new record time. 
For me aiming at 15m49 again today was a little unrealistic.
I'd run 3 hard races in 8 days and put in two track sessions (20 X 400 and 10 X 400).
I was in a field with some classy runners like Ron Peters but I lapped the field (just!) so I had no assistance competition wise to compete against.
Thirdly and perhaps today the biggest factor were the conditions, it was just too warm.
BOM said it was between 24.8 and 25.5 O C at 8.00am this morning (77 O F to 79 O F) with humidity at 61%.
So in my own mind I was perhaps negative before the start as I let these thoughts cloud my brain.
Still I gave it a go, running 3m01 for the first KM and 9m31 for 3KM. Those killer last 5 laps where your mind wanders into negative territory, why am I doing this? 
The suffering gets to you and you relent your pace as the Central Governor takes control. 
I need to do it on a cool evening like when its 14 or 16 O C and where there is competition to  run against or with. Sadly there are no opportunities to run in cool conditions at all in Queensland but next year I'll have some opportunity to run night time races against the youngsters.

Of course another huge factor could have been the air drag created by my huge now Booney esque Mo!

After a long warm down some of the older boys collared me into running a leg of a 4 X 800m and so even at the risk of upsetting the Mrs by being late home I ran a 63 first lap followed by a 70(!) sec to complete the first leg for the team. Con (52) , Phil (54) and Peter (58) wrapped things up for a new Australian M50 Record 9m05.22




SBx said...

Getting closer David. I'm sure you'll get there soon. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dave. 2:13 for 800m after a 5000m at near Alan Bradford's best M50 performance . Your central governor go to sleep?

The Queensland record for 800m is 2:07. You sure you are not underestimating your abilities?


BeerMatt said...

Awesome form Dave. Be patient and the records will come.

Easy Tiger said...

Great block of work, race Sat, 20x400m Sunday - you're an animal! The hard work will bring some great results when fresher later in the season.

coach dion said...

I would like to be able to do 5 400m at that pace...

David said...

Thanks for all your comments

kevin f forde said...

Congrats on the record for the 4x800m