28 November 2011

World Record

Scott Lawrence, Andrew Egginton, Peter Hawes and John Jago (in the Australian vests)

Congratulations Scott Lawrence and mates Andrew Eggington (Vic), Peter Hawes (Qld) and John Jago (Tas) for their M50 world record in the 4x800m at Albert Park today. The first world record at the new stadium!!! They were paced to their record by an Old Scotch team of Rob SchwerkoltMike TaylorChris Taylor and Bill Feutrill.
 Official time 8:39.01. Approx 400m splits: 61.4, 66.7 (2:08.1), 63.3, 69.5 (2:12.8), 63.3, 66.3 (2:09.6), 62.1, 66.2 (2:08.3) - (Total 8:38.7)


Scott Lawrence said...

Thanks David. Yes, it did take some organising - including a pacing team, but the planning all came together yesterday. It was close, but we just got there. We were a very happy team post race. A rare opportunity - certainly for me.
I hope to see you down here at Easter?
Cheers, Scott

coach dion said...

Nice running guys, I head to the track on Tuesday for the first time in years, I will be running a Mile, hope it goes well so I want to run a couple more races...

who know maybe a 5000m in the new year.