05 November 2011

5000m 15m56:06

Conditions good not too humid not too hot cloud cover. I was well rested and sober! Felt ok from the off just some knee tendonitis pain that soon eased. The sun came out and I was cursing but clouds rolled back over. I ran through 3 k in 9m33 feeling ok but goal pace 3m10's had slipped and I was unlikely to get back on track so then it is just the mental battle goal gone but how hard can you still push it? Remarkably I stayed pretty much on pace and if I'd only been able to lift it 3 laps out, I might have got back onto 15m50 pace, saying that crossing the line in 15m56 having lapped the field wasn't too shabby.that time is 90.5% age graded and a ything over 90% is good. Hope that I can step up still further and run 15m49.