10 November 2011

Cool Night Classic

Wed 10.6km Roo+ake 46m30
Thur 5 15pm Price Waterhouse Coopers 17th Cool Night Classic 5.15km 3rd or 4th 16m29
Not quite a classic as with 4/5000 runners on an 'out and back' course on the narrow Riverside pathway, was always going to be running back into a sea of runners! That was exactly what happened. 
Fast downhill start in the Botanical, I ran 1st K in 2:55!!
3 youngsters headed off the front and as I tried to gather my legs another 3 guys past me.
The warm conditions, 28 O C with humidity didn't make things feel great. 
Up ahead I thought It was Geoff Berkley who had beaten me in this race last year (he was 2nd, I was 3rd) 
I reeled him in eventually. We turned and ran back on our selves into the flood of humanity!
It certainly slowed things down as we got squeezed out of space. This was a public footpath and at one point I had to overtake a cyclist heading in the same direction, I put my hand on his back he slowed to a halt held up on one side by the Riverside Express way column support we were running under, as I squeezed past he cursed out loud, those cyclists hate us runners sometimes and to be fair he had a point! 
Into the finish area and I had caught the 4th/ or 3rd place guy and sprinted past to the finish. 
I heard the announcer call me as 3rd place and I thought that was a mistake! 
So I didn't wait around for presentations but later at Central,I met Robbie Lofthouse who had been spectating and told me I was indeed 3rd over the line! 
Hope no one masqueraded as me and picked up the 3rd prize a $400 watch!! 
Maybe it was a cool night hey?
The 3rd placer must have dropped out and with the crowds there was no way we were going to see him! 
So 3rd place again maybe!


BeerMatt said...

Great run Dave!

Anonymous said...

Hi.It was my first five k run a great turn out. The narrow part leading along the river up to about the three k mark the track became harrowing as many runners coming back took over the whole path and I thought I was going to pushed over the edge and into the river. It needs to be sectioned off down the middle to avoid a dangerous situation. Overall the course was well marked, plenty of water. the event was well run and a good time was had. Nice that a lot of money was raised.