21 April 2011

Australian Masters Athletics Championship 2011 Brisbane 10,000m

ANZ Stadium 8.00pm M45-49 10,000m, Championship 1st 32m53;23

I had won this Championship twice before in Hobart 2006 and Sydney 2007 but there was little competition. What made tonights victory real sweet was I was really in a race and I ran well. Six weeks ago when I took two weeks off with the hip injury I thought there was little chance of running - let alone running well. 
I was in two minds about how to run it , flat out or sit and kick? 
I had no idea how Bruce Graham would run it, so in the end , as we had good conditions (no wind and about 23 O C) and humidity was bad but no where near as bad as it can be, I decided I'd give it everything - If I was going to be beaten they'd have to work very hard.
So it was that we toed the line about an hour later than we were supposed to start. I hit the lead at 100m and ran hard. First lap was 72 and the counter read 24 to go! Man 10,000 on the track is psychological torture! 
Last Saturdays workout had me believing I could run about 33mins but the way I started I was worried about blowing up big time but I was pleased that I ran strong pretty much the whole race but did slow second half.
I went through 3000 in 9m35, with Bruce on my heels. At 5000m I was 16m07 and Bruce was still there.
I noticed Bruce had been taking on water and I was thinking he might be suffering in the Queensland conditions (he's from Canberra) but he was getting a good tow from me so I thought I'd put in a burst to see if I could break the elastic and make Bruce have to work by himself. It worked and I was off on my own just having to cope with the countdown of the interminable laps!
The Garmin is crap around a track but just to give you a flavour of pace it had my 1km splits;
1m01 (2m54 pace)
So you can see the kick at 5K and then I slow down on my own! Quite steady work and I'm real pleased with the result. There wont be too many M45's run sub 33m [ Yeah I know Mr.Bateman is sub 32 but he is M55 and he wont mind me saying he's a freak and on another planet to me]. My time if I can run it in 5months  when I turn 50 would just better Ronnies Australian M50 Record 32m54.8.
Bruce was second about 100m behind.
The thing about 10,000m on the track is not to do too many because if you do you  remember what they are like and you'll never be able to give it everything from the gun.
The secret to my recent improvement? Steady daily training, intervals short and long and no beer for a month!

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Event 106 M35 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points

1 Thomas, Kim M37 WA MASTERS 38:39.19 37:20.81 70.51%
Event 106 M40 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Roach, Brett M41 TAS MASTERS 35:02.65 32:52.29 80.11%
2 Wheeler, Peter M41 QLD MASTERS 36:17.01 34:02.04 77.37%
3 Davie, E J M40 NSW MASTERS 46:12.34 43:40.14 60.30%

Event 106 M45 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Sweeney, David M49 QLD MASTERS 32:53.23 28:59.80 90.82%
2 Graham, Bruce M49 ACT VETERANS 33:15.15 29:19.13 89.82%
3 Mahony, Francis M49 QLD MASTERS 36:17.72 32:00.10 82.29%
4 Wiblen, Daryl M48 QLD MASTERS 38:29.41 34:12.61 76.98%
5 Grey, Jeff M47 ACT VETERANS 38:55.68 34:52.31 75.52%
6 Dell, Tony M48 VIC MASTERS 39:02.57 34:42.08 75.89%
7 Daly, Gerard M49 QLD MASTERS 40:11.78 35:26.47 74.30%
8 Sheringham, Paul M48 NSW MASTERS 43:28.19 38:38.16 68.16%

Event 106 M50 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Byrne, Peter M51 NSW MASTERS 41:11.58 35:44.35 73.68%

Event 106 M55 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Heywood, Colin M56 ACT VETERANS 38:52.63 32:21.69 81.37%
2 Gates, Chris M56 TAS MASTERS 41:16.61 34:21.54 76.64%
3 Schwebel, Ron M59 NSW MASTERS 41:26.81 33:37.55 78.31%
-- Peters, Ron M58 QLD MASTERS DQ IAAF 163.6

Event 106 M60 10000 Meter Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Nugent, Tom M61 QLD MASTERS 39:31.16 31:30.29 83.59%
2 Graham, John M60 VIC MASTERS 39:49.38 32:01.78 82.22%
3 Walker, Michael M64 TAS MASTERS 40:55.89 31:46.02 82.90%
4 Creagh, Maurice M64 WA MASTERS 46:46.13 36:17.84 72.55%


Bellthorpe said...

Congratulations! A great accomplishment, especially given the injuries over the last couple of years. Good advice not to do too many track 10,000 for fear of remembering them. Not too comfortable with the 'no beer' part though.

Anonymous said...

great run Dave....hope it makes up for the Gunners. Age graded at 92+. Very impressive. Is the world masters definitely not on the cards You would be right in the mix. (PS..won't mention the Liverpool game !!!)

Scott Lawrence said...

Congratulations Dave - and Bruce for a fantastic race. I really look forward to you both, Shane and Rob S in the 5k tomorrow. I'm glad I'll just be a spectator!
Cheers, Scott

BeerMatt said...

Great racing and a superb time Dave. But no beer? You must be spitting feathers.

TokyoRacer said...

Congratulations. Very impressive, running the last 5,000m by yourself.

Scott Brown said...

David, certainly a time to be proud of!! According to what I've read a time like that for a person with such a long running history and the kind of injuries you've had recently shouldn't be possible!!!

You are a natural with a strong mind and as good as Keith is I think if you had started running at a later age you would be a world record holder Masters runner yourself!

Keep it up, wonderful to see!!!!

David Sweeney said...

Hey Guys thanks for all your comments
most appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Well done. Was on the track at the same time. Can't say I was in the race, since I got lapped 2 times.

For those interested, below is 1km splits and average heart rate for a 49 year old in 36:18. Although formulas suggest max heart rate of 172, mine is around 185.

1: 3:35:4 Ave Heart Rate 154
2: 3:33:6 Ave Heart Rate 165
3: 3:35:1 Ave Heart Rate 169
4: 3:36:6 Ave Heart Rate 171
5: 3:39:0 Ave Heart Rate 171
6: 3:40:8 Ave Heart Rate 173
7: 3:40:3 Ave Heart Rate 175
8: 3:39:9 Ave Heart Rate 176
9: 3:41.4 Ave Heart Rate 178
10: 3:34.6 Ave Heart Rate 179

Max Heart Rate: 184 at finish