28 April 2011

Feeling Numb

Wed 2.47pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 41m51  3m57 K's
Tues 5.02pm 10.62km Roo+Lake 43m56  4m08 K's
Mon 3.12pm 10.57km Roo+Lake 43m15 4m06 K's

Off work till next Tues! 
Dentist today -  feeling numb ; (

Just steady running recently, deciding what races to run in coming months, suspect I'll do all the road 10K's,
finish off the Sunshine Coast XC series and there is one last 3000m at Masters on 15th May.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

David, congratulations, some brilliant running of late; inspirational stuff.
Please tell us you've finally had a beer?!

Philippe (Luxembourg)