30 April 2011

working in perfect harmony

Sat 5.33pm Nudgee 10 X 400m 120m jog recovery

67.78  146bpm
71.21  154bpm
69.76  154bpm
69.98  157bpm
69.18  156bpm
68.65  156bpm
69.53  157bpm
68.65  159bpm
68.40  158bpm
66.50  159bpm

I got to the track late as I was watching Oli play football.
The Sun had already set and I started the intervals as night was falling. 
Conditions were ideal, cool (for Brissey) a slight breeze but nothing to affect performance. 
I nearly had the track to myself but just as I was about to start a guy as wide as two London Buses started walking the inside lane while his kids jogged around. He didn't get that he should move out so each time I came past I did so at speed and skimmed around the man mountain.
During warm up I had some miss giving's about still running track at this time of year but they quickly disappeared when I got stuck into it. 
I felt good! 
Everything was working in perfect harmony; body , cardiovascular and mind. 
I did not even know what my last 5 splits were as it was too dark to read the watch - I just ran hard and completed the best set I can remember doing.
I haven't checked back but even the heart rate average did not peak above 160bpm (maybe that was the lack of heat and humidity?).
15km Cross Country training in the morning.


Tom said...

Great session.

Tim said...

WEll Done Master, Times like that mate and you would be leading the HuRTS team out...with Tom some 5 seconds behind :)

BeerMatt said...

What Tom said. BTW, no beer is a huge sacrifice!

Scott Brown said...

After all your hard work over the summer this must be your reward!

"Love it when a plan comes together!"

kevin f forde said...

When the opportunity presents it's self and a slow runner/walker hogs lane 1 if I can I wizz through on the inside to let them know I mean bussiness,it's not always possible,I had some "ten ton tessie" in lane 1 last night who took up ALL of lane 1,it was easier to go wide right in to lane 2 to get around her....next time I pack my bag for repeats my check list should read,flats,stopwatch,water bottle.....cattle prod!!!