15 April 2011

Barry Bonds*

Fri 5.28am 10.62km Lake+Roo   40m14  (3m47 K's)

I worked on the hills.
4m22, 4m00, 3m44, 3m52, 3m49, 3m34, 3m28, 3m42, 3m47, 3m36, 2m16 (3m40 pace)
Long intervals Sat, XC Sun.

Barry Bonds*


Scott Brown said...

Nice link about BB David. Also you said Keith Bateman has entered the marathon at the World Masters Track & Field Championships. Do you know what his present marathon PB is? I couldn't find it.

David Sweeney said...

Hi Scott, I dont think Keith has ever done a Marathon. If he does it at Worlds he wont be racing it, just using as a long (long) Sunday run!

Fossil said...

Only just seen this. Did 5 or so marathons in 85/86 2:48,2:44,2:53 and 2:41 with a DNF too - tried again in 2004/05 with an ungly 3:08 a DNF and another ugly 3:06 in New York (60mins for last 10km) - managed a sweet 2:43:07 at WMA - very satisfying Sunday long run :-)

David Sweeney said...

Hey Keith!
With your awesome speed I never took you for a Marathoner! Nearly even a seasoned Marathoner!
Congrats again on the sweetest of campaigns at the Worlds!